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What to Know About Invisalign Before Starting Treatment

What to Know About Invisalign Before Starting Treatment

sameday braces and invisalign

There’s no need to regret not getting braces as a teen. According to Invisalign studies, over 14 million people, including more than 4 million teens, have used Invisalign clear aligners to successfully transform their smiles. As more adults desire straighter teeth & a more confident smile, Invisalign treatment is becoming more popular than ever before. These invisible aligners allow you to undergo orthodontic treatment without anyone even knowing. Before you sign up to get started on your new smile, here are a few handy things to know about Invisalign treatment.

1. There May Be Some MILD Discomfort- At First!

Throughout your Invisalign treatment, your orthodontist will have you switch out your aligner trays every few weeks. You may experience some very mild initial discomfort the first few days after a switch as your mouth adjusts to a new tray. However, any discomfort can be easily managed by using dental wax or having your orthodontic team file down any rough edges on your aligners. After a potential short adjustment period (that not everyone even experiences), things will feel completely normal!

2. You May Lose A Few Pounds!

Do you tend to snack throughout the day? (We’re definitely guilty of some major snackage over here at Mint Ortho!) If so, you may naturally adjust that during your Invisalign treatment. You must remove your aligners every time you eat or drink something other than water, & it is recommended to brush and floss your teeth before you put your aligners back on. So, it sometimes becomes easier & more convenient during treatment to stick to scheduled meals as much as possible, which naturally curbs snacking. After all, you must wear Invisalign for at least 22 hours daily for maximum effect. Fitting into those “goal” jeans just might be an added bonus to go along with your amazing new smile!

3. Invisalign Can Slightly Affect Your Speech- At First!

Don’t be alarmed if it sounds like you have a minor lisp when you first begin treatment. Since the aligners fit over your teeth, you have to adjust to speaking normally with them. Luckily, the more you speak with the aligners, the faster your speech will revert back to normal- people typically adjust to talking with them in within the first few weeks.

4. You Will Spend A Little More Time on Oral Hygiene

You may have to brush more than twice a day during your Invisalign treatment. As mentioned, it is best practice to brush and floss after every meal or snack before putting your aligners back in. It’s important to always clean your aligners to reduce the risk of bacteria forming inside them. Wearing your aligners without properly cleaning your teeth after eating can cause problems for your teeth and the aligners themselves.

Invisalign is great for fast tracking your orthodontic treatment & making it as convenient & stress-free as possible. Going into your Invisalign treatment being prepped and ready for these minor lifestyle changes will set up you for maximum smile success! While you have to be a bit more stringent about your eating and oral care habits, it will be beyond worth it when you start to see straighter, more beautiful teeth in as little as a few months. Ready to perfect your smile the invisible way?! Give Mint Hill Orthodontics a shout at 980.243.8030 today to get your FREE Invisalign consult on the books!