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How Does Orthodontic Treatment for Adults Vary From Orthodontic Treatment for Children?

How Does Orthodontic Treatment for Adults Vary From Orthodontic Treatment for Children?

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Orthodontic treatment certainly isn’t just for kids and adolescents; 1 of 5 patients wearing braces are 18 or older, according to a study recently completed by Harvard Medical School. As this statistic illustrates, if you’re an adult considering braces, you’re not alone. There are a variety of orthodontic treatments that appeal to adults. Continue reading to learn more about the ways orthodontic treatments for adults can vary from those for children.

Development of Teeth

Teeth are often still developing when children begin their orthodontic treatment, while adult teeth, however, can be fully developed. This can make teeth alignment a bit more challenging, but not impossible by any means! If you’ve always dreamed of a straight, beautiful smile, adult braces are an effective solution. We’ll speak more below about some of the challenges that can come with correcting bite issues for adults. Teeth straightening, whether through braces or more subtle treatment options like Invisalign, is 100% achievable for adult patients.

Fewer Available Options

Adult jaws are fully formed, which does mean that orthodontic treatments to correct adult bite misalignments can be a bit more challenging. One common solution is to use retainers and other devices to obtain the desired results. If this isn’t a viable possibility, oral surgery may be required. However, there are plenty of adults who have minor bite issues that are easily corrected with braces. Malocclusions can differ significantly from patient to patient, and everyone’s course of treatment is different.

Level of Tolerance

One major advantage of having braces as an adult is that the experience is much more tolerable. Adults typically have higher thresholds for minor discomfort and a lower fear of the unknown. Beginning orthodontic treatment is a lot less upsetting for adults than for kids and teenagers. Kids can also be the targets of bullying and the victims of low self-esteem during these pivotal years. By the time adulthood rolls around, having braces is less stressful. Adults are also better able to discuss their concerns with their orthodontist, as well. This enables them to feel more in control of the situation than adolescents. Strong communication with their orthodontic team is a major advantage to having braces or alignment treatments as an adult.

If you’re an adult who is considering braces or teeth alignment, now is an ideal time to get straight teeth and a perfect smile! Ready to get the ball rolling on a fresh new smile? Give Mint Hill Ortho a call today at 980.243.8030 to get your FREE Smile Consult on the books!