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5 Pro Tips To Care For Your Braces

5 Pro Tips To Care For Your Braces

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Getting braces is a great way to correct dental misalignments and vastly improve your smile and oral health. If you’ve recently gotten braces, it’s important to take great care of them in order to ensure that they serve their intended purpose- perfecting your smile as quickly and efficiently as possible! Read on to see five pro tips that will help you take optimum care of your braces on the road to getting the amazing smile you’ve been dreaming of.

Brush Regularly

Good oral hygiene is even more important with braces than it was without them! While brushing carefully to avoid any damage, be sure that you’re brushing thoroughly multiple times a day in order to remove any food particles, which can lead to oral issues if ignored. Brush in an angled motion to make sure you get to any areas that may be hidden behind the brackets.

Use an Oral Irrigator

An oral irrigator is a small appliance with a tank that fills with water and a wand that emits the water at a moderate pressure. It makes for an efficient way to dislodge any particles of food left in your mouth after you eat that a brush may have failed to reach. If your child is one of the 3.9 million younger children with braces in America, it’s recommended that an adult should supervise the use of this device to make sure it’s being used accurately and effectively (per the AAO).

Choose Your Diet Well

Braces are delicate, as already mentioned, so it’s a good idea to eat a balanced diet consisting of soft foods that won’t interfere with your braces treatment. Excessively hard foods, sticky candies, and fibrous vegetables should all be removed from your diet as much as possible while undergoing braces treatment because of their potential ability to damage your braces.

Get the Right Toothpaste

For this, your orthodontist will advise you accordingly! Some oral health products contain abrasive ingredients that can possibly cause damage to the metal that makes up your braces. Some types of mouthwash may also discolor the elastic bands in your braces, so for these items, make sure to heed your orthodontist’s recommendations.

Floss Regularly

Use the special type of floss recommended for patients with braces at least once a day to remove food particles stuck between your teeth. Make sure to get the floss between the teeth, but take care not to pull it against the wires going across your teeth, as this can damage them.

Even when following your pro tips, accidents can happen, and that’s OK! Make sure to attend all scheduled checkups, and let your orthodontist know immediately if your braces get damaged, and they will be able to help you quickly resolve any issues that might occur, from broken brackets to wire issues. And if you don’t yet have braces but are ready to get started on the smile you deserve with Mint Hill’s premier braces & Invisalign specialist Dr. Jared Little, give us a call today at 980.243.8030 to get your FREE Smile Consult on the books!