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5 Facts About Invisalign For Kids & Teens

5 Facts About Invisalign For Kids & Teens


Invisalign is a dental alignment system that uses cutting-edge clear aligner technology to straighten the teeth with precision and accuracy. Below is a list of facts that parents should know before getting Invisalign for their children.

Budget-Friendly Option

The fact that Invisalign can be an affordable option is a selling point for parents. The costs vary depending on how long the treatment lasts, and it is usually affordable. Most dental insurance plans typically cover a portion of the cost. Even if the insurance fails to cover the treatment, the orthodontist’s office can help you set up a payment plan, which breaks up the Invisalign treatment payments on a monthly basis.

Invisalign Decreases The Risk Of Cavities

The central selling point of Invisalign is that it offers minimal risk of children developing cavities and other oral problems compared to traditional braces, as they are fully removable for brushing/flossing & don’t contribute to additional plaque buildup. It is the responsibility of a parent to assist the children in developing a solid routine of oral hygiene. Invisalign is awesome for kids, as they can simply pop out the aligners when eating or brushing their teeth, and pop them back in afterward!

Nearly Invisible

Invisalign is nearly invisible (hence the name!), which allows the beauty of your child’s natural teeth to shine through even when they are being worn. They are aesthetically pleasing and are made of transparent plastic materials, which are safe for children and adults of all ages. This subtle treatment choice helps boost a child’s self-confidence when taking pictures, playing sports, going to school dances, and all of the other important social events that come with being a kid. Come school picture day, they will definitely thank you for allowing them to choose Invisalign!

Sleek Design

Orthodontists recommend Invisalign as a safer option for people of different ages due to their advanced design that eliminates the need for brackets, which can be uncomfortable and cause irritation and inflammation in the mouth. Invisalign is designed for the convenience and comfort of the patient, and children can remove them easily when flossing and brushing their teeth every morning and night.

How To Get Treatment With Invisalign

The process of Invisalign in teens and kids includes:

• Digital impression: Digital scanning with 3D images of teeth is deployed to address each individual’s dental problem. The scanner uses digital imagery to obtain a comprehensive picture of dental structure and teeth. The orthodontist then identifies the tooth alignment issues, which allows for an appropriate dental treatment plan to be charted out.
• Clinical plan: Two weeks after the digital scan, the orthodontist makes an appointment with the patient to establish a treatment plan. The professional will then present the teeth alignment issues obtained from the scan and explain the treatment process and the expected timeframe of the treatment plan.
• Receiving clear aligners and follow-ups: After discussing the clinical plan, the next appointment entails a patient receiving their first set of clear aligners. The patient instructions are usually given with proper explanation to ensure appropriate use and care. Follow-up appointments are typically made every 8-10 weeks to monitor the treatment outcomes.

The best way to establish the type of braces that best suits your child’s needs is by consulting your local orthodontist, who will happily answer all of your questions and recommends the best options for them. Are you ready to help get your child started on the journey to their best smile? Schedule a FREE Smile Consult with Dr. Little today – call 980.243.8030 to get your appointment on the books!