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3 Noteworthy Benefits of Clear Aligners

3 Noteworthy Benefits of Clear Aligners

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If you are considering braces, you should know the benefits of choosing clear aligners. Clear aligners can provide you with great results in record time. According to Invisalign, you can see noticeable results with Invisalign clear aligners within as little as six months. You will be able to see small positive changes in your smile in just a few weeks! When it comes to the age old “braces vs clear aligners” question, here are three major benefits that you can enjoy by choosing clear aligners to correct your smile.

A Barely There Aesthetic

Clear aligners are very hard to spot at a glance. As a matter of fact, most people will never realize that you are wearing aligners, even when you’re having a conversation with them! The trays are made from a durable yet completely clear plastic that slides over your teeth to work their magic. They do not impede your speech or make you feel self-conscious about your appearance, making them the most subtle and convenient way to perfect your smile. About 49% of teens surveyed about wearing aligners reported that they feel more confident wearing them, as opposed to 29% of teens with metal braces. While both forms of treatment end in the same great result, clear aligners can make the path to getting there a little easier, particularly for self-conscious teens.

Easier Oral Hygiene

Metal braces are firmly affixed to the teeth and can only be removed by your orthodontist. This means that braces cannot be removed for brushing or flossing — you have to work around them. With aligners, you can remove the trays to care for your teeth. You remove the trays so that you can eat comfortably, as well. This easy removal feature means you can better take care of your teeth while they are being treated, which helps with compliance and optimizing your overall treatment results!

Patient Comfort

Aligner trays are more comfortable to wear than metal braces. Trays move the teeth gently into position, and the wearer does not have to deal with the discomfort that is often associated with metal braces. You do not have to worry about breaking a wire and cutting the inside of your mouth. They are also less bulky, which means that it takes less time for your mouth to adjust to the treatment than it does with metal braces. Comfort and convenience- a beautiful combo that clear aligners make possible for all orthodontic patients!

As you can see, clear aligners bring a lot of clear treatment benefits to the table. If you need your teeth straightened, aligners may be the ideal treatment option for you. Interested in learning more about clear aligner treatment? Schedule a FREE Smile Consult with us at Mint Hill Orthodontics today to get started!