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Cheesin. Ear to Ear. Lighting up the room. Grinning. Beaming. No matter what word you want to use to describe your perfect smile, you agree it matters. Smiles are the first thing you see when meeting someone new and can be your most memorable trait. We’re Mint Hill Orthodontics and we’re hear to give you that smile.

At Mint Hill Orthodontics, we want to give your freshest smile. The smile of your dreams. The smile that lights up rooms and breaks down doors. Schedule your consultation now to find your way to your forever smile.

sameday braces and invisalign

Let’s get it straight.

SAME DAY braces

& Invisalign ®

Awww, yeah. Let’s get started. At Mint Hill Orthodontics, we can get you started with Invisalign or braces on the same day as your initial consultation. So, you’ll be on your way to your freshest smile that very day.

More bracket for your buck

LOW down payments

Get your perfect smile started with low down payments and awesome 0% interest in house financing. Your fresh new smile shouldn’t have to break the bank.

LOW down payments

More than just WiFi

Tech and Teeth

High tech, all digital office

Let’s get this done right the first time. Utilizing the latest technology we can bring your perfect smile into focus faster than ever. Get your results with hi-tech treatment options that suit your busy lifestyle.

The man behind the smile

Dr. Jared

An obsession with perfect smiles brought Dr J to North Carolina from the oh-so-cold state of Michigan. He brought with him a passion for spreading smiles and is so excited to be a part of so many people’s smile journey.

When Dr J isn’t freshening smiles, he’s cycling, working with cars and motorcycles, or traveling.

Ready to freshen your smile?

Dr. Jared